General Building Cleaning

ATR offers daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly cleaning packages for general building cleaning contracts. We offer these packages for various types of residential apartment buildings and some commercial buildings. Managers can choose the customized package that best fits their needs.

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Services Offered Include:

  • Window cleaning
  • Vacuuming all carpeted areas, hallways, and mats
  • Dry/wet mopping all lobby areas and stairwells
  • Cleaning stainless steel in and around elevators
  • Specialized interior services (carpet cleaning, grout and tile cleaning, floor refinishing)
  • Changing all garbage’s
  • Inspecting buildings for any damages occurred from tenants or natural causes and notify building management
  • Picking up litter on exterior grounds
  • Parking garage cleaning
  • Specialized exterior services (pressure washing, graffiti removal, garbage chute cleaning)
  • Deodorizing areas with odors